Graduated in 1977 as geological engineer at the Engineering Faculty of the UNAM and in 1979 of engineer expert in exploration and develop natural resources in the school national Superior of geology of Nancy, France, subsequently, obtaining the degrees of Doctor engineer in mineral raw materials and energy in 1981 and State Doctorate of Sciences in 1985.

From 1982 to date is Professor and researcher holder “C” of the UNAM, where has impertido 12 different chairs in undergraduate and graduate level, all within it’s specialty.

Since 1986 he is a member of the national system of researchers (SNI) and currently has level III, in 1994 became member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and in 1987 was a founding member for life of the National Institute of geochemistry BC, as well as a member of more 6 scientific societies. 2013-2014 was Vice President of the Colegia of mining engineers, metallurgists and geologists from Mexico.

His research interests have been in natural resources, involving different disciplines and including various aspects of physical, chemical and isotopic processes involving both the fluids present in the cortex (groundwater, meteoric, metamorphic and magmatic water, hydrocarbons) and cortical fluids (diagenesis, mineral precipitation, pressure fluid, hydraulic fracturing, lubrication of tectonic structures, etc.) at scales from microscopic (fluid inclusions) to continental (plate tectonics). His research allowed him, in addition, to provide elements to improve the effectiveness in the exploration, use and sustainable management of natural resources such as the deposit minerals, hydrocarbons and geothermal energy, allowing to deal with border problems related to sources, mechanisms of transport and deposition of these resources.

In his scientific and technological production features 230 publications and 900 citations. As for the training of human resources has directed 73 thesis, of which 52 are undergraduate, 15 master’s and 6 from doctorate. It has 277 presentations in congresses and has collaborated in 36 research projects.


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